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General Knowledge of Poultry Farm Shed

2019/9/19 16:07:51

The most chicken house we do is the enclosed model , which is suitable for any area . The internal climate of the chicken house is automatically controlled by a set of microcomputer control system, which makes the internal environment of the chicken house fully meet the needs of chicken growth, which greatly promotes the improvement of the production performance index of the chicken farm.

Large-scale intensive farms use light-steel structure to make chickens grow in a good environment, and the ratio of meat to meat is higher, so as to obtain maximum breeding benefits .

The width of the house is generally 6 to 15 meters, and the length is generally 30 to 100 meters. The height of a flat chicken house is generally 2.2 to 2.4 meters, and the height of a high bed cage is about 5 meters.


The equipment including is drinking , feeding , environmental control , heating , to control the interior environment which is suitable for the chicken grow


Finished assembled equipment


WZH GROUP can supply you the complete steel structure poultry shed and the equipment ,which is well designed and make it suitable for the local climate . Welcome to contact us for more details !

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