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So Easy to Build A Modern Steel Structure Hotel

2019/9/19 14:51:36

Prefabricated light steel structure hotel is designed for 4 star hotels, which is made of welded steel column, steel beam, truss girder etc. The surface of the steel members are painted with anti-rust and fireproof paintings. Hebei Weizhengheng Modular House Tech Co., Ltd. Have over 20 years experiences in steel structure building’s design, production, exportation, delivery, and installation, ONE STOP Turnkey.


Feature of a Modern Steel Frame Hotel

1. Light weight, high strength, 50 years guarantee

2. Fabricated in factory, fast assembled on site

3. Cost considering compared with tradition concrete building, save your cost on labor and build cost

4. Used widely, used as a warehouse, plant, office building, aircraft hangar, poultry farm house, shed, supper market, shopping mall etc.


Project Date: 2019-2-10

Country: Scottsdale American

Content: Welded Steel Structure Columns and Beams

Weight of Structure: 62 Tons


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