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steel structure house

2019/8/30 15:09:37

steel structure house

First, the steel components themselves are fire-protected so that they do not exceed the critical temperature quickly when the fire temperature rises. The steel structure can guarantee stability in the fire within the specified time, ensuring the safety of personnel and property. Second, it can be used in industrial workshops. An effective fire compartment is set inside to prevent the fire from spreading and spreading to other areas.

1.Fire protection of steel components in steel structure industrial workshop

Due to the fire resistance limit of the steel components themselves, it is necessary to take corresponding fire protection measures for the steel components. Commonly used fire protection measures are fireproof coating method, foaming fireproof paint method and outsourcing fireproof layer method.we are steel structure house manufacturer and provide steel structure house.

1.Fireproof coating method

The fireproof coating method is to spray fireproof coating on the steel structure to improve its fire endurance. At present, China's steel structure fireproof coatings are mainly divided into two types: thin coating type and thick coating type, namely thin type (B type, including ultra-thin type) and thick type (H type).

The thickness of the thin coating is less than 7mm, and it can absorb and expand and foam in the fire to form a foamed carbonized heat insulation layer, thereby preventing heat from being transmitted to the steel structure, delaying the temperature increase of the steel structure, and playing a fire protection role. Its main advantages are: thin coating, light load on steel structure, good decoration, easy to apply to small surface complex steel structure surface thicker than thick type; thick coating thickness is 8-50mm, coating It does not foam when heated, and relies on its lower thermal conductivity to delay the increase of the temperature of the steel structure, thus playing a role in fire protection. 

The two have different performance characteristics and are suitable for different occasions. However, no matter which kind of product should pass the test by the national testing agency, it can be used.

2,foam fire retardant paint method

Foaming fire retardant paint is a kind of flame retardant coating made of various materials such as film former, flame retardant and foaming agent. Compared with general paints, fire retardant paints have basically the same physical properties. The difference is that after drying, the paint film itself is not easy to burn. In case of fire, it can delay the flame from burning to the paintable combustibles, and has certain fireproof performance.

According to the test: the general paint and the fireproof paint are respectively applied to the wooden board, dried, and then baked with the same flame, coated with the general painted wood board, and the paint is scorched in less than 2 minutes; and the non-intumescent fireproof paint is applied to the wooden board. After 2 minutes, only the smoldering phenomenon occurred, and it was extinguished immediately after standing for 30 seconds. The board coated with the intumescent fireproof paint did not appear even if it was baked for 15 minutes.

It can be seen that the use of fire-retardant paint on the surface of the object, in the event of a fire, can indeed prevent the spread of fire in a fixed time, protect the surface of the object, thus taking valuable time for the fire.

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steel structure house

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