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Steps for building a steel structure house compartment

2019/8/27 16:54:13

Steps for building a steel structure house compartment

Construction steps:

1.The key point of the channel steel is the fixing of the two ends of the channel steel. There are generally three fixed methods:

(1)Make one on the wall with angle steel and lock it on the wall with expansion screws, then fix it with channel steel, or fix it with the method of planting reinforcement.

(2)First make a hole in the wall, light steel structure villa, then extend the channel into the wall, and the wall directly bears the weight of the channel.

(3)It is required to use channel steel, Xinpu District steel structure, instead of using angle steel as in the first method.we are steel structure house manufacturer and provide steel structure house.

2,solve the fixed point of the channel steel, and then to solve the main keel layout. Generally for the living room, it is recommended to use the channel steel of 120X60X 6mm or above to function the main keel. The main keel should be laid parallel to the short side, spaced about 500mm apart. The channel steel frame is placed on the wall and the gap with the wall is no more than 10mm. The channel is fully welded to the crosspiece. If there is no fixed condition for laying in parallel with the short side, it can also be laid in parallel with the long side.

3.Then weld the secondary keel between the main keels. The auxiliary keel can be made of equilateral angle steel, and the specification is 50x50x4mm or more. The auxiliary keel is fully welded on the main keel, the plane is uniform, and is perpendicular to the main keel. The recommended interval for the arrangement interval is 300mm. For safety reasons, it is advisable to weld a small piece of angle steel scrap to the lower part between the auxiliary keel and the main keel for safety.

4.Weld railings or stairs. Railings and stairs can only be welded over the main keel and are fully welded.

5.Then sand the rusted location with sandpaper, then apply all the channel and angle steel over and over with anti-rust paint. After it has dried out, apply a layer of enamel, and the color of the enamel can be chosen freely.

6.Lay a layer of 15 PCT on the skeleton. The splint can be fixed on the secondary keel with a pull stud. A layer of 12 cm large core board is placed on the splint. The gap between the two boards is staggered. The large core board needs to be fixed on the splint and the nail can be directly nailed.

If you do not want to use the splint, in the case of a dense density of the secondary keel, after laying a layer of steel grid on it, you can even use a thin steel bar and cement to pour a floor with a thickness of not more than 50mm.

The swaying sound of the floor slab with cement pouring is lower than that of the splint, but there may be a certain number of cracks when pouring with cement. At this time, it is necessary to ensure the proportion of the cement mortar and the mixing of sufficient fine steel bars.

7.Lay other surface materials such as solid wood flooring, carpet or ceramic tiles.

Before the steel structure is built, it is necessary to consider the placement of the power supply, and bury the line pipe ahead of time. It is not recommended to dig the floor and then dig the floor pipe, because it will not only affect the quality of the floor, but also increase the amount. Additional expenses.

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