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Quick build single sliding expandable container house

2019/9/2 16:35:33

Quick build single sliding expandable container house 

Expandable container house is popular among our customers , no matter for 20ft and 40 ft . It is ready to expandable into 3 part from a container house and using steel frame and lightweight wall panels system. 

By the market developing , we have developed the new model container house , single sliding drawer container house . It can be push in and pull out ,much easier and faster to assemble . 

It widely used for the holiday living house , rent house , temporary family living house , office etc . 

Advantages :

1) With good appearance and can designed with customers' requirement;

(2)Have strong earthquake resistance, high wind resistance , sound-insulated and anti-distortion ability;

(3)With good thermal insulation, and waterproof ability;

(4)Repetitive to use;

(5)Transportation convenient;

(6)Service life is long, can reach up to more than 30 years;

(7)Converted by shipping container ;

(8)Personal design ,intelligent,green power,environmental. 

Detail information 

Open size : 4325*5850*2530 mm 

Closed Size : 2245*5850*2530 mm     

Structure : Light weight square tube + glass fiber insulation 

Decoration :  Exterior Wall : PU cladding board ( optional color )   

Interior wall :  Bamboo fiber board    

Ceiling : Corrugated steel sheet or Bamboo fiber board 

Sliding area Roof : Fiberglass   

Floor :  MGO board + PVC floor 

Window / Door : double glazed broken bridge aluminum

Kitchen : L shape with wash basin 

Bathroom : Shower room , toilet and wash basin 

Electrical : Custom made 

Layout : 1 bedroom with bathroom , open kitchen 

It has a beautiful open plan lounge and kitchen, with great size bathroom and literally folds out .

Custom service : The custom service is available , for exterior & interior decoration color , floor color etc . 

The sample house finished the production 

For more information , welcome to contact us !we are expandable container house, We can guarantee quality.

expandable container house

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