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Why container house are widely used as hospital or clinic while covid-19

2020/12/2 16:43:00

  From end of last year, the covid-19 was spread suddenly all over the world, lot of the countries and people are in mess and don't have enough Medical supplies to fight with covid-19. Hospital either.

  However the flat container has the advantages, such as fast assemble, movable, no need much civil work etc.  It can be stacked up to three floors

  If you want to know more info , please container Nancy@wzhgroup.com

  This container house is also 100% ready made by Weizhengheng Modular House company, and the main difference from previous design, is that inside of this house, without any partition walls, or even bathroom. It is empty inside, and has a big open space, which can be used as meeting room, prefab show room, classroom, storage etc. One 40HQ can load such four units, and it is good to save cost of transportation. If you are interested in our prefab house, welcome to inquiry Nancy@wzhgroup.com

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