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How to assemble a Flat Pack Unit Container House

2020/12/1 16:50:45

WZH has 20 years experiences in steel structure buidlings in north of China. Portal steel framing is widely used to build steel structure warehouse, workshop, metal shed, farm tool house, poultry house, commercial buildings, high-rising apartment building, steel bridge etc. It consists of steel column, steel beam, galvanized c or z profiles,  supporting bar, anchor bolt, etc. We can supply with one stop service from design, production, shipment, and installation. Welcome to inquiry

Weizhengheng is a professional manufacturer of flat pack cabin unit container house in north of China. Its size is customized, like 5850mm x 2250mm x 2700mm, or 6000mm x 3000mm x 2700mm. These flat packs are easy and cost efficient to transport. Suitable as office or office blocks, meeting, board rooms, accommodations.

Expandable Container House 20ft 40 ft Australia .jpg

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