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WZH Luxury Expandable Container House

2020/12/9 16:46:49

Weizhengheng is a professional manufacturer of Luxury Expandable Container House in north of China. Its size is customized, like 5850mm x 2250mm x 2700mm, or 6000mm x 3000mm x 2700mm. These Luxury Expandable Container House are easy and cost efficient to transport. Suitable as office or office blocks, meeting, board rooms, accommodations.

  Two bedrooms luxury container home is popular choise in the countryside. Far away from the noisy city, and enjoy the peace time with your family.

  This expandable cabin is 95% ready made in Weizhengheng Modular House factory, and is very strong and huricane resistant. No matter in Florida United States, or in Gold Beach of Australia, it is right choise for you. It also can be painted in different color, like black, white, blue.

  Any questions, let me know please

WZH Luxury Expandable Container House.jpg

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