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Why Steel Structure Warehouse Can Be Built So Fast?

2019/9/10 14:38:48

Why Steel Structure Warehouse Can Be Built So Fast?

Steel structure warehouse becomes more and more popular than traditional concrete or wooden warehouse because of many advantages, one of the key points is fast build, the faster, the shorter construction time and labor cost. So we have to ask: why it can be faster?

Standard components

Steel structure building’s materials are standard components and connector, no matter beam, columns, bolts or roof and wall. This make it to be easy designed, processed and assembled.


Engineer will use professional software to finish the plan and drawing, because of standard components, so it makes design much faster. Besides, it also can be adjusted easily if customers want to do some change or adjustment.


Factory will processing these components strictly according to the engineer’s drawing, cutting and welding the beams or columns as designed size, even some components are already completely finished, such as cold formed purlin and bolts.


Builder only need to combine these components one by one as installation drawing, most of them can be connected by bolts or screws, don’t need welding or concrete mortar. The steel structure warehouse can be finished very fast if you have enough professional workers.

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