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Steel structure house node design

2019/9/17 9:52:31

Steel structure house node design

Ingenious design / ingenious production

Steel structure joint design should follow the principle of simple, reliable and easy construction, and should consider the current construction level.

The form of the node should be fully considered and determined before structural analysis. In general, it is necessary to avoid inconsistencies between the final design nodes and the forms used in the structural analysis model. According to different transmission characteristics, the nodes are divided into rigid nodes, articulated nodes and semi-rigid nodes.

The first two methods that can be easily and quantitatively analyzed should be selected.

Different connection methods have a great influence on the structure. For example, some rigid nodes have no problem in bearing the bending moment, but they produce a large rotation, which is inconsistent with the assumptions in the structural analysis. The actual engineering deformation is greater than the calculated value, which will lead to unfavorable results.

There are two common methods for connecting nodes with equal strength design and actual force design. Beginners can choose the former safely. It can also be done automatically using the post-processing part of the structure software.

Specific design content includes the following content

1.The design of the joint must take into account the construction space of the mounting bolts, the welding of the site and the lifting sequence of the components. For beginners, not being able to install components on the site isa long-term bug. In addition, workers should be able to locate and fix temporarily as easily as possible.

2. The process level of the manufacturing plant should also be considered in the node design. For example, the cutting of the intersecting line of the steel pipe connection node needs to be completed by equipment such as a numerical control machine tool.

3.Welding: The specifications and specifications of the welded welds are mandatory and should be strictly observed.

The selection of the electrode should be adapted to the material of the connected metal. E43 corresponds to Q235, E50 corresponds to Q345. When Q235 is connected with Q345, low-strength E43 should be selected instead of E50. Welds must not be arbitrarily enlarged in the welding design. The center of gravity of the weld should be as close as possible to the center of gravity of the member to be joined. Other details can be found in the specification regarding weld construction.

4,bolting: riveting form, in construction projects, has been rarely used. Ordinary bolts have poor shear resistance and can be used in secondary structural parts. High-strength bolts are used more and more widely. Commonly used 8.8s and 10.9s two intensity levels. According to the characteristics of the force, it is divided into pressure type and friction type. The two methods are different.

High-strength bolts with minimum specifications M12. Commonly used M16~M30. Oversized bolts are unstable in performance and should be used with care in design.

Self-tapping screws are used for secondary connections between sheet and thin-walled steel. In foreign countries, low-rise wall panel houses are also often used for the connection of main structures.

5,the connecting plate: can simply take the thickness of the beam web thickness plus 4mm. Then check the net section shear resistance.

6.Beam web: The net section shear of the web at the bolt hole should be checked. The pressure-bearing high-strength bolt connection also needs to check the partial pressure of the hole wall.

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