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Whether steel structure house is safer than concrete and bricks?

2019/9/4 15:51:31

Whether steel structure house is safer than concrete and bricks?

Steel, when we see this word, there will be “strong” “hard” “heavy” etc words come to mind at the same time. So it is no surprise that steel building is also regarded as one of the strongest options for construction like high-rise residential apartment, industrial workshop or agriculture warehouse. Below are three main reasons why we think steel structure building is safer:


Because of Steel material’s high strength, steel will not be break or crack suddenly when give extreme pressure to it, like strong wind or earthquake. Steel structure also can be designed according to the location’s climate and geological conditions accordingly, even if 200km/h wind speed or 8 grade earthquake. 


Steel is a kind of fireproof material, so the speed of fire spread is much slower than wood structure. Maybe you can burn a building by one match fire, but at least the steel structure will survive to the end, because it is flame retardant.

Strength-to-Wight Ratio

Steel building are almost half weight of concrete building, or much lighter, because steel has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than concrete, brick or wood. This makes steel buildings stronger and more durable than traditional buildings when meet typhoon or earthquake.

Last but not least, steel also is safe to environment, because 100% steel materials can be recycled, it can help us to build a green earth.we are steel structure house manufacturer and provide steel structure house.

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