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What is a light steel villa! Look at the cows?

2018/9/27 15:58:26

 We all have a dream that we can have a villa of our own, not necessarily big, but it must be comfortable, must be beautiful, and the cost cannot be very high.
 Where are the cheap and comfortable villas? That is the light steel villa, a stunning new product.

Light steel villa is a new type of house made from machinery in the United States. The biggest feature of this house is safety, comfort and construction speed. Because of its lightweight steel structure and its beautiful shape, this new type of house is called light steel villa.


It seems to be no different from our ordinary country cottages, but it has no bricks and no reinforced concrete except the foundation!

 Light steel villa What are the advantages of the brick mix?

Safety: earthquake-resistant, wind-proof, insect-resistant ants, high quality;

Comfort: sound insulation, insulation, and beauty:

Fast: a short construction period and wide application range;

Environmental protection: low energy consumption and high recycling rate of building materials:

High-cost performance: large area and high-cost performance.

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