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Prefabricated steel frame house features

2018/10/8 9:57:24

1. High strength, lightweight, shockproof and wind resistant.

        Seismic force = mass * seismic acceleration, so the lighter the weight, the less the seismic force. If properly treated, the steel structure is more effective against earthquake resistance, and it can also reduce the amount of basic engineering and basic cost. The excellent physical and mechanical properties of steel make the light steel structure house have the characteristics of large overall rigidity, high component strength, and lightweight structure. The prefabricated steel frame house performs much better than other structural forms under rare earthquakes such as earthquakes and hurricanes. Residential. The steel structure system can be accurately designed and analyzed so that the structural reliability of the steel structure house is better than that of the brick-concrete house.

2, anti-corrosion, fireproof, durable

        The use of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel sheets in steel structure houses greatly enhances the anti-corrosion durability of the main structure of the building. Reasonable structural measures can ensure the fire resistance, moisture resistance and termite resistance of the steel structure.

3, heat insulation, sound insulation, energy saving

        The prefabricated steel frame house composite wall construction ensures the house's need for heat insulation, moisture resistance, and sound insulation. The heat transfer channel of the light steel structure house is weak, and the heat bridge is almost cut off, so that the inside and outside of the building become two independent thermal circulation systems that do not interfere with each other, saving a lot of energy. Filling the skeleton with insulation cotton, together with the use of insulating glass, makes the sound insulation index more than 40 decibels, greatly reducing the noise pollution, has good vibration isolation and sound absorption function, and blocks the invasion of external noise and disordered vibration.

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4. Standardized operation.

          of the steel structural parts and their corresponding components of the supporting technology can be factory-made, which can easily guarantee the quality and facilitate standardization and popularization.

5. The construction period is short.

        The construction is about 1/3 to 1/2 of the concrete structure, which can greatly shorten the occupation period of investment funds, improve the investment efficiency of funds, and is not affected by seasonal factors.

6, high room rate, easy for owners to flexibly renovated.

        The flexible selection of steel's lightweight, high-strength, steel-structured systems provides maximum flexibility in the combination of residential spaces. And can increase the residential area ratio of 5% to 8%.

7. Conducive to environmental protection.

        The recovery rate of building materials is high and the cultivated land is saved. There are few wet jobs on site, and it has reached the green ecological building evaluation system developed by international developed countries.

 It has a beautiful appearance, wide use, and is suitable for different climatic conditions.

 At present, the direct cost of prefabricated steel frame house is slightly higher than that of the concrete structure, but in the long run, its comprehensive benefits are significantly higher than traditional buildings.

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