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What are the factors that have led to the rise of Light Steel villa?

2018/9/25 15:19:40

First of all, Light steel villa is very popular in developed countries, such as Germany and the United States. After all, the construction speed is fast and the pollution is small, and the majority of the main materials can be recycled. It is a veritable greenhouse. In addition, its appearance is more diverse and its heat insulation and moisture resistance are good, and it is deeply loved by people!
Secondly, Light steel villa is not a flashy "greenhouse flower"! It is light and heavy and has been firmly connected. It has been proved by theory and practice that it can resist the magnitude 8 earthquake without falling! The use period can reach 100 years, and the light steel keel has no problem for hundreds of years! It is not inferior to traditional reinforced concrete frame houses!
For the price, it is not as high as imagined. Its cost is not much different from the cost of concrete houses!
The factors that led to the rise of Light steel villa:
1. The light steel structure technology has now matured, but now the Chinese people know relatively little, but many people with a sense of smell have begun to seize this opportunity.

2. The country currently advocates green buildings, energy conservation, and environmental protection, recycling and industrialization of housing, industrialization, and Light steel villa as an excellent representative of “green building”, almost meets all requirements, and becomes a concern of all levels of government and real estate developers and investors. Promoted new industries. The "Guiding Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on the Development of Prefabricated Buildings" and the "Notice on the Special Inspection of the Use of Clay Bricks in the New District Construction Project", these policies point out that the potential of Light Steel Villa is unlimited, and the main work objective is In 2020, the province's city and city center area will reach more than 50%, which will be a good trend for the development of Light steel villa.
3. With the implementation of the “Clay Brick Factory Shutdown” policy across the country, the state prohibits the use of cultivated land and forest land for clay brick plant land. Red brick factories and solid clay brick factories in many areas have also been shut down due to policy guidance. Investing in new energy conservation and environmental protection projects is an inevitable trend in the future.
4, Light steel villa itself: earthquake, wind, moisture, termite prevention, construction speed and many other advantages, consistent with the world theme of energy saving and environmental protection, precisely because it has so many advantages, in the next few years Light The steel villa industry is bound to grow rapidly.
5. Now with the development of society and the improvement of living standards, people's aesthetics are also rising. Ordinary residential buildings can no longer meet people's needs, and Light Steel villa's architectural design and light steel unique materials can be flexibly assembled. It is possible to realize various styles of architectural style. Therefore, Light Steel Villa, which has a more beautiful appearance and more advantages, is gradually replacing the traditional brick-concrete structure.
6. At present, China's residential steel structure accounts for no more than 5%. Compared with almost 50% of foreign developed countries, China is still in its infancy, and there is still much room for development in residential steel structures. According to the market forecast report of the Prospective Industry Research Institute, the future steel structure is expected to shake the green building market of one trillion yuan, so the prospect is broad.

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