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What information should you confirmed if you want to design a steel structure warehouse or workshop?

2019/12/12 15:18:16

1. Location

Where will you build your warehouse? Which country and which city? Supplier or designer can know the temperature range, then suggest the most suitable roof and wall materials, sandwich panel or single layer steel sheet.

2 Size

Detailed length, width and height? Detailed layout if you need partition wall or add office or other rooms inside? How many floor do you need or whether you request mezzanine? These are the basic information to design the warehouse or workshop.

3 Wind load

The most important is the max wind speed. You know the stronger structure of the warehouse can against the higher wind speed, but will need more steel quantity to ensure that, then the total cost will be high.

4 Snow load

If there are four distinctive seasons in your country, there will be snow in the winter. It is better to get the detailed roof snow load information in your city, this also is very important for structure design. Or tell the supplier the heavy snow thickness, then they also can estimate the snow load.

5 Anti-earthquake grade

If your warehouse or work shop will be located in seismic zone, stronger structure also is a must to meet the earthquake situation.

6 Brick wall needed or not

Sometimes the customer will build brick wall with 1.2-1.5m height, to avoid rain water go inside from the bottom of warehouse and save a part steel wall materials cost.

8 Door and Windows quantity & size

There will be sliding door, rolling door and single door, different size and materials will lead to different prices, so does windows.

steel structure warehouse manufacturer told When you supply all above information to the supplier, they almost can give you an accurate price and detailed drawing. Contact us directly if you already confirmed that! Certainly we also can give you an rough price based on some information. 

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