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How to reduce the costs of your steel structure (warehouse)building?

2019/12/9 14:16:47

1.Choose the most suitable and effective size for your building

It is a simple concept, the larger size of your building, the more steel materials used in your structure, then the higher cost. But actually it is possible to change the width and length to cut down the cost while didn’t change the total usable size of the building. Because the wider structure, the more steel requested to support the large span, so it is more economical to add the length.

2.Different design standard will lead to different materials quantity

Based on our experience, there will be a lot of very large columns and beams in some European and American design for some small buildings. Absolutely this can make the structure much more stronger and maybe also can ensure its lifespan, but the best choice should be using the most suitable section steel models to fit the wind speed and load requirement for the building, then get the cost-effective price.

3.Add some middle columns for the steel structure building in suitable situation

We already said, the larger span of the building, the more steel quantity. If the situation is not allowed you to change the width, is there any method to reduce the cost. Of course! Adding some columns inside of the building to support the beam, improve its load and use smaller section steel, this also is possible to reduce the steel quantity.

4.Chose the most suitable materials for roof and wall

Generally for an ordinary warehouse or workshop, the most common materials for roof and wall are sandwich panel and steel sheet, certainly sandwich panel is much more expensive than steel sheet. So if you request insulation performance for the building, such as very cold or very hot area, store or manufacture some products need special temperature, sandwich panel will be the best choice. But if it is just an agriculture warehouse to put some tool and machines, single layer steel sheet will be enough for that.

steel structure warehouse manufacturer told So consider all the options, discuss your project with a professional engineer and place the order to an experienced steel building supplier. When in doubt, have it quoted multiple ways and compare them, then make the decision. Any questions, also can contact us directly!

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