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Steel Frame Structure House Building Introduction

2019/12/17 13:50:05

Steel Frame Structure House Building Introduction

Generally heavy steel structure building will be divided to portal frame structure and steel-frame structure. Different structure type will be suitable for different building and application. 

Portal frame structure like the picture below, the main components including column, beam, purlin, support, tie bar, etc. It has the characteristics of simple force transmission path, quick and convenient to process, and short construction time, so widely used for one storey steel structure warehouse, workshop, factory, chicken house, cow shed, etc.

Steel frame structure is a kind of structure consisted by many columns and beams to support the load of the whole building. It is widely used for many storeys high-rise building like hotel, apartment, shopping mall and office building. Because of its height and heavy load, it should be combined with light brick or concrete block for wall. 

No matter which type steel structure, professional design and accurate materials process and installation should be the most important point, then the building’s stability and safety can be ensured. 

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