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What are the patterns on Prefab home?

2018/11/26 10:52:07

Prefab home that is integrated with industrial housing production to build residential, residential part or all of the components in the factory prefabricated, and then transported to the construction site, the components are assembled and built by a reliable connection of residential, in Europe and Japan, it is called industrial housing or industrial housing.

Prefab home is divided into three major development modes: prefabricated reinforced concrete structures, prefabricated lightweight steel structures, prefabricated container houses.

Development mode 1: precast concrete structure houses

PC (Prefabricated Concrete Structure) "precast concrete structure", Prefab home is a precast concrete member as the main member, the assembly, connection, combined with part of the cast concrete structure formed.PC member is a finished concrete member processing unit factory production and formation. The earliest proposed PC residential industrialization behavior is the United States as the representative of the European and American countries, in the Second World War after the first proposed and implemented the PC residential industrialization of the road.PC Residential has many advantages such as high efficiency, energy saving, green environmental protection, lower cost, providing residential function and performance.

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Development mode two: prefabricated steel structure housing

Light steel house with light weight, span, wind and seismic performance, insulation, sound insulation and other indicators of excellence, is a high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, in line with the Sustainable Development Policy of the green building system. Suitable for villas, multi-story residential, resorts, clubs and other city buildings and building plus layer, roof flat slope, light inside the wall and so on. It can be pre-assembled, including pre-installed wall facades envelope, insulation, and windows. Roof truss system can also be pre-assembled in the form available to developers, compared with the traditional way of construction, greatly reducing the construction period.

Development mode III: prefabricated container modular houses

Low investment, return a lot of money, is the container house”developer " the birth of the two major factors. In the container as the basic module, using the manufacturing model, in the factory to complete the construction of the pipeline manufacturing structure and internal decoration of each module and then transported to the project site, according to different uses and functions quickly combined into different styles of housing construction.

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