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The misunderstandings of light steel villa?

2018/11/28 13:38:36

light steel villa can only be built on sunny days? Will it rust when it rains?

Misinterpretation index ★

As we all know, the National galvanized steel galvanized standard per 60 g / square, Electric Power Company outdoor high voltage Tower galvanized amount of 160 g / Square (can guarantee 50 years of stainless steel in the bare environment), and light steel materials to perform the United States G90 standard, galvanized amount of 275 G / Square, hi to home with a double insurance

light steel villa 2m.jpg

Misunderstanding two: light steel villa insulation effect is not good.

Misconception index ★★

light steel villa in the gap between the walls of light steel keel filled modified gypsum base and polystyrene particles, it is not only a premium insulation materials, and sound insulation performance is equally good, the most important it is a Class A fire, permanent non-combustible inorganic materials, absolute security! If your house is not insulated, you are building a fake Villa.

Myth 3: will light steel villa be run or skewed by a strong wind?

Misconception index:★★★

light steel villa unique "rib structure", can effectively carry horizontal loads, while the use of a large number of anti-pull pieces of the house as a whole and the foundation reliable connection together, load specification, the basic pressure should be given in the specification appendix 50 years (n=50) in case of wind pressure, but not less than 0. 3 KN/㎡. Light steel housing design load values: basic wind pressure 0. 75KN/㎡.Equivalent to 12 Typhoon wind.Is achievable. Besides, a 100-square-meter house with at least a ton of light steel, with wall panels and Wall fillings, a house with at least dozens of tons and hundreds of tons, dozens of Katrina is of no avail.

light steel villa 2 m.jpg

Myth 4: the light steel villa wall is so thin, the thief put in a hole

Misperception index:★★★★

The following video shows: light steel villa wall using nanotechnology slurry filling, so more solid and more secure, just 12 cm to achieve the safety of the brick wall. As shown in the video, the impact of such a high frequency, the walls are safe and sound, showing the thief to put your wall "poke a hole" is difficult to win.

Myth 5: light steel villa is an upgraded version of the activity boardroom or activity boardroom

Misperception index:★★★★★

Just build in a similar way, there are no other similarities. Activity boardroom will not have a design, renderings, construction plans, there is no fire, moisture, noise processing technology. At the same time the activities of the boardroom are the use of cheap Color Steel, no rust and corrosion.light steel villa uses a double-plated aluminum zinc light steel, anti-corrosion anti-corrosion for 70 years is not a problem.

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