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Is the villa a nice light steel structure or a nice wooden structure?

2018/11/21 9:44:33

For a private villa, the choice of materials has its own advantages and disadvantages, but after the comparison is considered light steel structure Villa suitable.

There are several reasons.:
1, in the market of light steel main structure, is lower than the cost of the wood structure, it is beyond doubt;
2, wood structure to prevent corrosion of harmful insects, to use the drug treatment, the light steel structure is not needed, only need to consider anti-rust on the line, the general treatment is coating;
3, the wood structure is easy to be distorted by the change of air humidity, the light steel structure is slightly better.
4, light steel structure seismic performance is better than the wood structure, I also admit that the seismic effect of wood structure is also good.
5, light steel structure factory processing, on-site assembly, easy construction;
6, the relative shortage of wood, promote energy-saving green building is also advocated by the state
light steel structure.jpg

Above is the cottage is a good light steel structure or a good wooden structure? The entire contents.
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