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Analysis of the markets in light steel villa

2018/12/3 10:16:27

light steel villa has been widely adopted in the developed, so it is called the main representative of the green building. Light steel structure low-rise residential construction technology is in Europe and the United States-style wood structure construction technology based on staged change, after the above development, has formed a stable physical performance, the construction of space and shape flexible, easy to build, in various forms, style changing mature construction system.

More than 95% of low-rise civil buildings, including residential buildings, shopping malls, schools, office buildings, etc., are built using wood or light steel structures(even our immediate neighbors, Japan and Korea). North American wood and light steel structures, both in terms of price and market acceptance, occupies an advantage in the entire construction market.

light steel villa.jpg

At the same time, light steel villa can also reduce construction waste pollution to the environment, in the whole life cycle can be recycled. China's green building refers to the whole life cycle of the building, the limit to save resources (energy, land, water, materials), protect the environment and reduce pollution, providing people with a harmonious symbiosis with nature, Health, application and efficient use of space.

As we all know, light steel villa has a high strength, lightweight, good seismic performance, infrastructure costs province, building area, high-quality construction, suitable for industrial and standardized production, dry green construction, suitable for different climatic conditions, not affected by the construction season, the overall cost and unilateral price low.

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