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Steel fab homes - crane beam design features

2018/10/22 9:16:48

Steel fab homes-ceiling beam design

The crane beam is generally simply supported (simple structure, convenient construction, and insensitive to the settlement of the support)

Common forms are steel beam (1), combined I-beam (2), box beam (3), crane truss (4) and so on.

Load on crane beam

Permanent load (vertical)

Dynamic load, the direction of which is horizontal and horizontal, characterized by repeated action, which is easy to cause fatigue damage. Therefore, the requirements for steel are high, in addition to the conventional requirements such as tensile strength, elongation, yield point, etc., to ensure that the impact toughness is qualified.

The composition of the crane beam structure system 1. Crane beam; 2. Brake beam or brake truss.
Crane beam load

Steel fab homes - The crane beam is directly subjected to loads in three directions: vertical load (system weight and weight), horizontal horizontal load (brake force and clamping force) and longitudinal horizontal load (brake force).

The crane beam design does not consider longitudinal horizontal loads and is designed for two-way bending.

 Vertical load, horizontal horizontal load, longitudinal horizontal load.

Vertical loads include the crane and its weight, and the weight of the crane beam.

When the crane passes through the rail joint, it impacts and produces a dynamic effect on the beam. In the design, consider the method of increasing the wheel pressure.

The horizontal horizontal load is generated by the clamping force (the track is not smooth), resulting in a horizontal horizontal force.

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