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Single Slope Prefab Tiny Steel Framed Homes

2019/1/15 16:09:11

Single Slope Prefab Tiny Steel Framed Homes

42 m2 Two Bedroom , One bathroom , Kitchen & Living Room

Steel Framed Homes1.png

Feature of the light gauge steel villa :

-Cost effective

-Strong steel kit frames

- Use recycled materials

-Build easier and quicker

-Minimum waste during manufacture

-Fire, pest and cyclone resistant

-Suitable to rural, urban, metro and coastal locations

-Custom designs to suit various land topographies 

Steel Framed Homes2.png

Technical Parameters Of the Prefab villa

a. Wind  Load : 120 km/h max.

b. Earth quack resistance : up to 8 grade

c. Snow load : 1.0 KN/m2

d. Roof dead load :  1.0 kn/m2

Steel Framed Homes3.png

Housing solutions :

Light gauge steel framing ,  G550 Galvalume AZ150

Exterior Wall Decoration : By coating

Interior wall : gypsum board + paint

Roof  Decoration : Asphalt shingle

Floor : Ceramic tiles

Ceiling : gypsum board / aluminous gusset plate

Electrical /Pipelines : Optional

Steel Framed Homes4.png

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