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Earthquake Resistant Prefab House floor slab

2019/1/9 10:11:09

Due to the poor integrity of the Earthquake Resistant Prefab House floor, the seismic capacity is lower than the in-situ reinforced concrete floor, therefore, some structural measures must be taken to strengthen the integrity of the precast floor.

Earthquake Resistant Prefab House.png

In the earthquake fortification of buildings, ring beam should be close to the floor plate is provided at the end of prefabricated, external walls should be set up gap ring beam, the Earthquake Resistant Prefab House prefabricated hoop in the ring beam, in order to avoid earthquakes, resulting in the dumping of the wall floor urban support collapse wounding.

In order to strengthen the overall stiffness of the Earthquake Resistant Prefab House, between the floor and the wall and between the floor with anchoring steel that is Rachel steel to be anchored.

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