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Several reasons for choosing light gauge steel framing instead of wood framing for house

2019/1/23 14:33:57

Wood framing system construction have been developing for a long time and still keep on, it is still very popular now, especially in Canada, United States and some Northern European counties.

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One of the most important reason is they have rich wood resource, they can build a beautiful house by very low cost, and easy to add insulation material and decoration materials on the framing, the house can be finished in very short time.

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Actually, light gauge steel framing also was developed from wood framing system, but why more and more people pay attention to light steel framing and choose it instead of wood structure? There are 3 important reasons, as below:

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1. Light gauge steel framing is more durable, its lifespan can reach to 50~70 years.

2. Galvanized 275g/m2 for light gauge steel material, strength can be G550, all the performance can make the house more stable. But wood material will be easy warped especially in wet weather, then the house structure will be influenced and the safety can not be ensure.

3. Light gauge steel material is anti-rust and anti-caustic. In some tropical zone, there are a lot of termites which is the strong opponent for wood materials. So more and more builder give up wood framing for houses.


Keep up with the space and choosing light gauge steel framing for your houses!

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