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Prefabricated house decoration decoration considerations

2018/12/18 9:22:46

Prefabricated house is the”Assembly House", is the popular name of prefabricated residential, its full name is prefabricated Residential, is the use of industrial production to build residential, residential part or all of the components in the factory prefabricated, and then transported to the construction site,the components through a reliable connection Assembly and the completion of residential.

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The prefabricated house should be aware of a few points when decorating:   
1, try not to do the ceiling, just take the line, scratch White. If you must do the ceiling, try to use lightweight materials, do not hit the expansion screw, switch to wooden plug. This is based on the load-bearing aspects of prefabricated panels.   
2, living room, bedroom without marble, granite and the like material, and the use of floor tiles, wood flooring and the like material.   
3, kitchen, bathroom should pay attention to waterproof.After the waterproof layer to do a good job, you should first Test, confirm that no leakage after laying floor tiles.   
4, Prefabricated house other such as doors and windows, wall decoration and cast-in-place floor of the House.The above content is for reference only, hope to help you.

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