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10 Advantages of Prefabricated house

2018/12/20 9:29:35

Prefabricated house is the use of industrial production to build residential, residential part or all of the components in the factory prefabricated, and then transported to the construction site, the components through a reliable connection Assembly and built residential, in Europe and Japan is called industrial housing or industrial housing. Prefabricated houses are divided into three major development modes: prefabricated reinforced concrete structures, prefabricated lightweight steel structures, prefabricated container houses.

10 great benefits of developing a Prefabricated house

1, it is beneficial to improve the quality, cure the external walls often leakage, cracks common problem.

PC building facades PC board is prefabricated in the factory,Prefabricated house door, and window frames before pouring concrete on the PC board installed in the steel, so pouring concrete frame and concrete can be a good engagement together to avoid the easy water seepage gap, seepage probability is only one ten thousandth.

2, is conducive to speed up the progress of the project.

PC board wall tiles, window frames, etc. have been done in the factory, the scene does not require external scaffolding. Local glue, paint, only the basket can be carried out, do not take the total duration. On the 10-18 floor of the building, this alone can save the construction period of about 3-4 months.

3, is conducive to promoting the integration of resources, improve management efficiency.

After the full implementation of industrialization in the future, build a house, sell a house, like going to IKEA procurement, components are standard, the structure can be combined, the assembly can be completed simply. Because PC to a certain extent is the finished product assembly, combination, management is also easy, the effect is also great.
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4, in favor of capital operation.

The real estate industry is capital-intensive enterprises, capital turnover rate, recovery speed is very important. The PC building due to the construction speed, completed early, will be able to return funds as soon as possible.

5, help to improve the quality of construction products, to win customers.

After the realization of PC floor, due to the tile in the factory and concrete firmly bonded together to prevent the”freeze-thaw " phenomenon, basically put an end to the tile off, PC products can be long-term, forever“youth”.

6, help to reduce the work intensity of owners and managers.

As products are pre-fabricated in the factory, the monitoring of quality control points such as door and window installation on the regular site can be reduced, and the number of contracts is also reduced, and the management staff is relatively relaxed, and the number and quality of the projects managed can be increased.

7, is conducive to the construction site civilized construction, safety management.

Traditional work is a large number of workers at the construction site, high fall, electric shock, and other objects against the accident rate is the highest frequency of the first three. The factory is to move a large number of construction work to the factory, the maximum reduction of field workers can be 89%, greatly reducing the accident rate on-site safety.

8, is conducive to environmental protection, conservation of resources.

Japan, the United States building PC has reached more than 50%. China's current GDP per million U.S. dollars of energy consumption of 1274 tons of standard coal, higher than the United States 2. 5 times higher than in Japan 8. 7 times. After the construction of large-scale housing factory, steel formwork and other Reuse rate increase, 83% reduction in waste, material loss by 60%, building energy saving more than 50%.

9, is conducive to creating an atmosphere of Enterprise Innovation, more innovative fruits.

Enterprise sound and fast continuous development, almost and innovation is the unity, innovation is the soul of enterprise development. Because PC itself is an innovative project, involving the design, construction, materials, processing and so need to have a traditional approach is not the same as the idea of innovation, innovation management.

10, is conducive to enterprise”excellent performance " mode of in-depth promotion.

If the PC large, standardized design, can greatly increase the turnover of the number of users of steel plate, thereby significantly reducing costs. Together with the total package, processing plants, materials suppliers and other competitive, Prefabricated house new technology is likely to reduce the cost to 25%.

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