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Light Steel Villa FAQ2

2019/2/14 14:37:34

Is Light Steel Villa Safe?

Answer: Light steel villa is a technology originating from the United States. It has been popularized for decades in developed countries and is very safe.

Design parameters:

1. To meet the requirements of 9-degree seismic fortification;

2. It can withstand Typhoon Level 12.

3. The roof can bear snow up to 1500 mm.

4. The fire resistance limit of the building meets the design standard of 2.5H.

3. How long does the construction cycle of light steel villas take?

20feet 40feet expandable container house 1.jpgAnswer: This is determined by the building area. Generally speaking, the construction period of a 300-foot building will not exceed 3 months. This is because the main materials of light steel villas are manufactured in factories, and they can be assembled directly like automobiles when transported to the scene.

4. What is the wall structure of light steel villas?

Answer: Ordinary room walls from the inside to the outside are: interior wall decoration - gypsum board (calcium silicate board) - light steel keel (keel interior contains noise reduction, insulation of rock wool or glass wool) - European pine board (calcium silicate board) - Extrusion board (XPS insulation layer, need to use keel support) - waterproof layer - exterior wall decoration board.

5. How thick is the wall of the light steel villa?

Exterior walls of light steel villas are generally 200 mm, and interior walls (partitions) are generally 120 mm. If it is in the northeast and other cold areas, it is necessary to thicken the insulation layer, and the exterior walls will be a little thicker than ordinary ones.

On the whole, the walls of light steel villas are thinner than those of traditional brick-concrete ones, which can save more usage area.

light gauge steel framing  house 3.jpg
6. How about the sound insulation effect of light steel villas?

Answer: Rock wool or glass wool in the walls of light steel villas are good sound insulation materials. They are not only heat preservation but also lightweight. They will never hurt people when they collapse like brick walls.

The floor of light steel villas can be divided into two systems: the first is calcium silicate plus/or Euclidean slab system, and the second is a cast-in-situ reinforced concrete system with steel bearing slabs. Very thick, sound insulation effect is also very good.

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