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Cheap flat pack prefabricated container homes

2019/2/19 10:58:00

Container houses are a kind of building system that has hit the fashion trend again and again, and can be moved anywhere anytime to make more convenient and comfortable life for people. Through solar photo voltaic panels for indoor use, solar water heaters can be used for heating, water supply, indoor showers, and domestic water emissions from sewage treatment systems for reuse.
The house is the overall structure, with the frame, the wall is the steel plate, can be the wood veneer, but the whole migration, the service life can be more than 25 years.

The standard 20ft flat pack container house, is with 1 door , 2 windows and the electrical system , no partition wall inside .

prefabricated container homes1.png

Detail specification is as below ,




Steel Frame

Composed Roof / Floor / Post

2.3 -2.5mm thick steel frame ,

white color or as request


Roof Covering

0.5 mm thickness galvanized steel plate, white grey

Insulation: Glass fiber

50 mm thickness with single aluminum foil

Profiled steel plate ceiling

0.3 mm thick


Glass magnesium board

15 mm thickness

PVC Floor

1.6mm thickness


EPS Sandwich Panel      

Outside Wall: 0.4 mm color steel ,

white grey

Insulation: 50mm EPS ,

 Density: 10-12 kg/m3

 Inside Wall: 0.4 mm color steel ,

white grey


PVC /Aluminium window  

Double glazed


Sandwich panel door

Safety door , glass door is also available .


PVC decoration lines

for interior corners

The container house Structure :

prefabricated container homes2.png

It is widely used as the living room , bathroom , office . The different housing layout as below for your reference ,

prefabricated container homes3.png

It also can use several units combined together to be a large area to meet the different needs ,

3 bedrooms by 3*20ft container           2 bedroom  by 2*20ft container

prefabricated container homes2.jpg

1 bedroom with the bathroom ,           2 bedroom with the bathroom ,

living room and kitchen                     living room and kitchen

prefabricated container homes.jpg

The outside reference photo

prefabricated container homes8.png

It is widely used as the living room at the building site , to be 1 floor or 2 floor , enough for the labors to live there .

prefabricated container homes9.png

prefabricated container homes10.png

The flat pack container house is also no problem to modular , to make the design modern and beautiful , for hotel, holiday house , restaurant etc .  Reference projects for your reference as below ,

Prefab hotel ,

prefabricated container homes11.png

prefabricated container homes3.jpg

Prefabricated container villa house  / Prefabricated beach house

prefabricated container homes14.png

prefabricated container homes15.png

Prefab container living house , Sandwich panel homes

prefabricated container homes16.png

If you have any project or inquiry , welcome contact us for more information .

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