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Beautiful light steel villa with 2 bedroom house plan

2019/2/14 14:24:27

Light steel villa, also known as light steel structure housing, its main material is by hot dip galvanized steel strip by cold rolling technology synthesis of light steel keel, after accurate calculation plus auxiliary support and combination, play a reasonable bearing capacity, to replace the traditional civil house .

light steel villa.png

The wall frame and roof truss is made by the light gauge steel framing system . It is made by galvanized /Galvalume  steel , G550 grade , Zinc coated  275g/m2  / Aluzinc 150g/m2

light steel villa 2.pnglight steel villa 2.png

The prefab tiny houseneed the steel foundation ,

First choice is by the rectangular tube welded together to be the steel pallet as the floor joist .

Second choice is by the light gauge steel framing system to make the floor which has high strength (316~365 KG load per square meters) to hold the house  .

light steel villa 3.png

Exterior Wall decoration options

light steel villa 4.png

Exterior roof decoration options

light steel villa 5.png

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