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We all misunderstood the light steel integrated house.

2018/11/19 11:14:58

Clothing, food, housing, and transportation are major events in people's lives. As one of the concerned topics, our understanding of modern light steel integrated houses is still at a low level. Light steel integrated houses have been in China for more than 20 years. For various reasons, they have not been widely promoted. For many ordinary people, he is still a new thing. Let's take a look at the light steel integrated housing that represents the development direction of the construction industry, and clarify some of the misunderstandings we have in our knowledge.

Misunderstanding 1: light steel villa is the activity boardroom

There are many similarities between the movable boardroom and the light steel villa. For example, it is transported to the site for assembly after the factory is produced, and the construction speed is fast, flexible and movable. However, the light steel villa and the movable boardroom are fundamentally different: the light steel villa has an independent load-bearing structure, which has the functions of heat insulation, sound insulation, and fire prevention. It is safe, comfortable, beautiful, long in service life and suitable for various purposes. long-term use. The light steel villa is designed according to permanent building standards and has a main structural life of more than 70 years. It can be seen that the light steel villa and the mobile boardroom are two completely different concepts.
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Myth 2: Light steel integrated housing is only exclusive for the rich

The light steel villa is very beautiful, so many people equate the light steel villa with the suburban villas. They think that this is exclusive of the rich, and ordinary people can't afford it. The main reason for the high price of suburban villas is that the land price is high, the area is large, the construction cost is high, and the cost of light steel villa is not high. The ordinary farmers build small houses on the house site, there is no land price problem, choose to build light steel. The villa price is actually acceptable, considering the difference between the cost of the economy and the cost of the traditional house.

Misunderstanding 3: Light steel integrated house is earthquake-resistant resettlement house

When we met the light steel villa, we linked him more to the earthquake-resistant resettlement house. Many people regard the new house as a seismic resettlement house because the light steel villa is often used as a safe and reliable house. Promoted to the disaster area, the earthquake in the disaster area is high, and the earthquake resistance requirements of the house are extremely high. Therefore, it is very common to use the light steel villa as a resettlement house in the disaster area in the earthquake-prone area. In fact, this point justifies that the light steel villa has good security and is widely recognized by everyone, so the light steel villa is suitable for ordinary people to build a house.
Myth 4: Light steel integrated houses are only suitable for low-rise buildings

The light steel villa is a two-storey villa. In fact, the light steel villa can be built up to 6 floors. The safety performance is not compromised. The requirements are in line with the relevant national standards and can be used in the process of urbanization. The light steel villa can be used not only as a residential building or a residential building, but also as a school teaching building, a street-facing shop, a commercial and residential building, a factory office, a staff canteen, etc. The construction period is short, the layout is flexible, and it is very practical. If you want to build a higher-rise building, you can choose a house with a heavy steel structure to meet the building requirements of a building below 30 stories.

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