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Explain for you Steel structure calculation and quotation points

2019/10/31 14:53:50

Explain for you Steel structure calculation and quotation points

First, the drawings: According to the drawings catalogue, check the number of drawings and check whether there are any omissions.

Second, the construction drawing

1.General description of the design

1.1 Building area, structural form, column spacing, span, structural arrangement;

1.2 Scope of calculation of engineering quantity: Regarding structure, roofing, wall surface, doors and windows, etc., clearly clarify the scope of bidding;

1.3 Selection of materials and specifications, technical requirements;

1.4 Paint or painting requirements and fire rating of steel structures.

2. Floor plan, elevation, and section:

It can count the engineering quantity of doors and windows, indoor and outdoor steel ladders, roof color plates, lighting panels, wall color panels, roof ventilators, canopies, downpipes, water-filling parts, gutters, etc. When counting, the material, specification and model of each material should be indicated.

2.2 The calculation of the height (or length) of the stiffener, the truss truss and the parapetal truss bracket corresponding to the variable H-section members (beams and columns) can be calculated based on the average height of the H-section of the beam and column. .

2.3 The length of the roof rafters is calculated according to the length of the road. The gap between the rafters is not deducted. In addition, the length of the rafters occupied by the roof girders should be added. For example, the axis indicates the centerline of the roof girders. Length = axis length + roof beam width.

Mainly have the following characteristics:

1)Adopt high-efficiency lightweight thin-walled profiles, light weight, high strength and small footprint.

2)The structure of the accessories is automatic, continuous and high-precision production. The product specifications are serialized, finalized and matched. Each part is dimensionally accurate.

3)Structural design, detailed design, computer simulation installation, factory manufacturing, site installation, etc. are synchronized in a short time difference.

4)Basic dry work does not have wet work, and interior decoration is easy to be in place at one time. Lightweight steel is galvanized and coated with a beautiful appearance and anti-corrosion, which helps to reduce the cost of enclosure and decoration.

5)It is convenient to enlarge the column spacing and provide more separation space, which can reduce the height of the floor and increase the building area (the utility space can reach 92%). The advantages in layering, transformation and reinforcement are obvious.we are steel structure house manufacturer and provide steel structure house,we can guarantee quality.

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