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Why Steel Structure House Is So Popular?

2019/11/5 10:29:50

There are two main types of steel structure construction - heavy steel and light steel. Heavy steel construction involves the structure consisted by large steel members, such as beam, column which can support long spans for large space of the building. Today we’d like to introduce more details about light steel structure house.

Light steel structure we also call it LSF(light steel framing), this type construction not only can be used as a complete house system including all the wall and roof framing, but also can be used for interior partition wall or combined with heavy steel structure, because of its high strength and good tensile.we are steel structure house manufacturer and provide steel structure house,we can guarantee quality.

Light steel structure house is easy to be handled and can be erected quickly. Generally the structure will be processed according to engineer’s drawing, then delivered to site directly. It will not need any cutting or welding, just assemble them by screws or bolts. It is excellent at resisting earthquake, steel will not burn, so better fireproof performance compared with wood frame house.

The most attractive point is steel structure house can make the house to be different shapes and modelling, can meet all the requirement for the house style, no matter American Country, European or modern style, it can help you to realize the dream house.

WZH GROUP serve as steel structure house manufacture for more than 15 years, our light steel house can be designed as Australian standard, American standard to meet different requirement for different countries. Contact us directly if you have the demand!we are steel structure house manufacturer and provide steel structure house,we can guarantee quality.

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