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10 years challenge for construction method

2019/1/30 11:55:28

10 years challenge for construction method

The  popular construction method still were brick or concrete 10 year ago. Although these materials are cheap, but the construction time will be very long, then the labor cost will be much higher. What’s more, the construction procedure will be very easy influenced by weather and temperature, especially for raining day and freezing day. Then lead to the construction time be much longer...

light steel framing 1.png

Whether you are tired of losing so much time on your construction projects?

Light steel frame is the solution for you. After developing and testing, light steel frame has been very mature now, more and more people accept this concept and begin to choose this system for their projects. It not only can save construction time, but also can make houses many modelling.

light steel framing2.png

 People can add a new storey on their existing house by light steel frame, its light weight will not influence the stability of the old house.

light steel framing 3.png

Keep up with the space and choosing light steel framing for your houses!

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