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Family living prefab homes Family living prefab homes Family living prefab homes Family living prefab homes Family living prefab homes

Family living prefab homes


 5 bedroom family living prefab homes

Technical Data :

Area : 254 m2

Stories : 2

Length : 13.159 meter

Width : 11.588 meter

Height :  Ground floor :  3.094 meter  First floor : 2800 mm

Bedrooms : 5

Total cost  (FOB Tianjin ): USD 80,000.0 / set

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Product Information

5 bedroom family living prefab homes

prefab villa.png

First floor house layout

tiny house.png

Ground floor house layout

modular house.png

The cement foam house is made with the foam cement panel, which is made of Galvanized steel , concrete and foam .

It is the hybrid of the reinforced concrete building and the modular house . 

Compare with the traditional building ,  It is easier and quicker to assemble  , Lower cost , green to environment , Suitable for the family living , school building , apartment etc

Advantage : 

Safety & Solidity 

Fast and easy -Built

Eco-friendly materials 

customized layout and decoration

Life Spain: More than 50 years 

A1 fire-proof , good thermal insulation ,  anti-seismic , sound resistance ,

Prefab Cement Foam House detail introduction

A. House body part

Roof  panel / Wall panel  / Floor support  :  EPS cement board

Purlin : No need

Roof truss : Galvanized C channel / Square pipe

A beam : Galvanized / Welded steel structure

Truss support Floor :  Q 235/Q345 H steel

B. Window & Door

Window :  PVC window  , Aluminium-alloy window or Broken bridge Aluminium window with Glazed glass or as requested . 

Door : Safety-door , Wood door , Titanium magnesium alloy door etc. 

C. House decoration

Roof : Asphalt Shingle , Stone coated roof tile  , PVC roofing etc 

External Wall  : Culture stone , Latex paint , PVC cladding panel , cement  wood grain board etc 

Inside wall : White wall by putty and paint / Wall paper etc

Ceiling :  gypsum board , integrated ceiling

D. Floor

Ceramic Tile /   wood tile

E. Electrical

Electrical wire Premade inside the panel , Lights , switch , socket , switch box etc 

F.  Bathroom system

G. Kitchen

Cabinet & Sink

Installation :
Very quick and easy to assemble , 100m2 per day for 6 workers

Package &Loading

Foam cement house material usually load in 40 HQ   , around 100 m2 / 40 HQ   , 40-50 m2 /20ft container

Application : 

prefabricated steel frame villa

Prefab steel frame housing

simple steel structure villa house 

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