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steel structure warehouse application and advantages

2019/12/26 16:02:21


Steel Workshop, Steel Structure Platform, Steel Fabricated House, Structural Roofing, Frame Part, Steel Walkway and Floor, Steel Structure Bridge, Factory/Workshop/Building.


1. Lower cost but beautiful outlook.

2. High safety performance.

3. Easy to assemble and dismantle

4. Installation with instruction of experienced engineers

5. Non-pollution.


1. Fast construction and easy installation. 

2. Long using life: Up to 50 years. 

3. Others: Environmental protection, stable structure, earthquake resistance, water proofing, and energy conserving. 


1.Easy to assemble and dismantle: the steel structure workshop  can be rebuilt for dozens of times. The assembling only requires simple tools: plugs and

 screw,and we can sent engineers to help you to install.

2.Firm structure: the steel structure warehouse adopts steel frame structure and sandwich 


3.Waterproof: Our warehouses are completely waterproof.

4.Customized. The roof, wall, door, windows can be chosen by the customer.

We are steel structure warehouse manufacturer, we can guarantee quality.

steel structure warehouse manufacturer

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