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Steel Structure Warehouse Maintenance

2019/12/30 15:56:31

Steel Structure Warehouse Maintenance

In most cases, inspection and maintenance of the steel structure warehouse should be finished twice a year, end of autumn and early spring. Some places with strong wind, heavy snow, often seismic activity, high humidity and close to corrosive environment should inspect the building frequently.

* Accessory maintenance: such as gutters, downspouts and ridge tile, whether blocked or damaged to lead to water leak.

* Door and windows: whether they are sealed tightly, use some lubricant on the tracks if necessary.

* Insulation: wet or damaged insulation material will transfer heat, repair or replace them in time.

* Exterior finish: clean the surface of the roof and wall, paint and repair in time if some metal material damaged.

Although it looks not require too much maintenance work for years to come when a new steel structure warehouse finished, but remember to pay attention to annual inspection.

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