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What should do for site preparation of steel structure house?

2019/8/21 10:51:33

What should do for site preparation of steel structure house?

Site preparation is a very important part of steel structure building construction, which will not only influence the progress of your project, but also affect the structure’s lifespan.

Remove old construction

If there is an existing construction on site or a lot of trees and other vegetation, you need to remove all of them and make the land to be flat. This step need a lot of heavy equipment to help.

Provide Steel Structure House Get a building permit

You need to go to the related department of your local government, to submit requested documents or drawing to get the approval for your building. Maybe there also will be someone to your site to check the situation.

Finish the foundation

You can do the foundation as your local requirement or standard, prefabricate the anchor bolts if necessary. Certainly you also can build the foundation according to the construction’s engineer, then the foundation and structure will be consistent strictly.

Fill and level up inside

Backfill inside foundation of the construction, make the whole foundation to be flat, or do the concrete slab if it is necessary to your future using.

If you will build a small warehouse or garage, you can finish these steps by yourself and your friends. But if it will be a big job for you, hiring the local contractors to handle the various aspects of construction will be the best choice.

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