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What is the difference between a light steel villa and traditional brick and concrete houses?

2018/11/1 11:39:20

The light steel villa simply states that the light steel structure is slab type, while the brick-concrete structure is masonry. The former is similar to the human body structure, with a skeleton, muscles, and skin; the latter is more like a one-piece mannequin.
Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and you can choose the right structure according to your local resource conditions.

The main advantages are reflected in comfort, energy saving, appearance, time-saving, labor saving, earthquake resistance, and wind resistance. Light steel villa has strengthened the use of materials such as heat preservation, moisture proof, and sound insulation during the construction process. The overall comfort of the house is higher than that of traditional buildings. The new energy-saving exterior materials and dry construction used by the company are a good example of the concept of energy saving and environmental protection.

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Ultra-light steel houses are saved in both manual and construction time because they are spliced. At the same time, the ultra-light steel house has a seismic capacity of 9 and a wind-resistant capacity of 13. Its intelligent design and production system is not limited by design in terms of appearance selectivity. Aesthetics have an absolute advantage over tradition. This is a light steel villa house that we are building under construction.

Light steel houses are a kind of housing structure that the country is now advocating. We also have many practical cases. The cost advantage, comfort, and seismic performance are excellent.

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