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What are the technical requirements for the production of steel structure manufacturers?

2019/5/14 14:16:42

Steel structure as a leader in the steel industry, we often see it in the construction sites, in order to ensure the quality of the entire site, steel structure manufacturers in the production in strict accordance with the production indicators, to select raw materials, and For the inspection of the production line, the quality of the products must be done well, and the steel structure manufacturers will introduce you to the technical indicators that should be paid attention to in production.we provide steel structure house,you can know it.

1.Sound insulation technology: glass wool is filled between the inner and outer walls and the joists of the floor, which effectively blocks the audio part that is transmitted through the air. For the impact sound transmitted by the solid, the following structure is processed: for the household wall The wall column constitutes a two-walled wall with an intermediate gap; and for the small keel of the fixed gypsum board for the ceiling, an elastic structure with small slots is used to effectively reduce the solid sound propagation between the floors.

2.Insulation and energy-saving technology: In order to ensure the insulation effect, the thermal insulation materials used in the exterior walls and roofs of buildings can be used for a long time and can be insulated.

In addition to filling the fiberglass mesh between the wall columns of the wall, the building light steel structure is usually covered with a layer of thermal insulation material on the outside of the wall, effectively blocking the thermal bridge through the wall column to the outer wall panel; Filled with fiberglass to reduce heat transfer through the floor; all interior wall walls are filled with fiberglass between the wall columns to reduce heat transfer between the walls.

3,fire prevention technology: a key issue is the application of fire protection technology, light steel structure residential fire resistance grade is four.

The light steel structure of the building is covered with fireproof gypsum board on both sides of the wall and the ceiling of the floor. It is protected by 25.4 mm thick (1 inch) gypsum board for ordinary firewall and household wall to meet the fire protection requirement of 1 hour. The glass fibers filled between the wall columns and the floor joists also have a positive protective effect on fire and heat transfer.

We generally make a full understanding of the steel structure before using it, so that it can not only use it better, but also reduce accidents during use, increase its benefits, and make some contributions to the building materials industry.

Steel structure reinforcement project considerations

Steel structures are widely used in today's buildings because the steel structure itself is strong and durable, but in order to maintain its own characteristics of the steel structure, it is necessary to reinforce the steel structure. What should be paid attention to during the reinforcement process?

Before the steel structure is strengthened, it needs to be tested and identified. After any building is found to have problems, it is necessary to clarify the problem first. There is no exception to the steel structure.

When it is found that there is a problem in the steel structure construction, it is necessary to carry out inspection and identification work on the building, find out the problems existing in the building, and then formulate a suitable reinforcement scheme for reinforcement.

Guarantee the quality of construction. When the steel structure is reinforced, the quality of the reinforcement should be firmly grasped, because the construction process is more prone to some problems, which will affect the reinforcement effect. The selection of the construction unit is also very important. The formal construction unit will strictly implement the construction specifications, so that the effect of reinforcement construction is guaranteed.

The safety of steel reinforcement is important. When the steel structure is reinforced, some buildings have large steel structures and are difficult to construct, which is very important for the safety of such buildings.

Whether it is any construction or safety, safety is important, so it is safe to do it at the construction site.

During construction, construction must be carried out in strict accordance with the construction specifications. Choosing a suitable construction method can reduce safety hazards and thus ensure construction safety.

Because of the wide application of steel structure, it is also important to maintain the characteristics of steel structure, and fully exert the advantages of steel structure. Therefore, the reinforcement of steel structure has become important, but the reinforcement of steel structure is not simple. People, pay attention to safety.

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