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Steel construction makes city life better

2019/5/11 15:22:45

Company values:

Our company's "integrity-based" service tenet, each customer's small things are regarded as their own major events. Continuously improve the management of each bank and improve its core competitiveness. At a lower price, we will create higher quality to provide better and better services to our customers.we are provide flat pack container house and steel structure warehouse,you can know it.

We uphold the idea of making a project, paying a circle of friends, treating people with integrity, quality service, and doing the project that makes you satisfied. Regardless of the size of the project, as long as the call, we will be happy to serve you. All enterprises and institutions are welcome to become our customers and friends.

The building has established the development outline of “taking green as the core, taking steel structure as the core, integrating as a means, practicing the road of industrialization of buildings and building a brand of green building”, and taking the mission of expanding happiness space to give full play to the advantages of steel structure industry.

To provide customers with integrated solutions for R&D design, factory manufacturing, on-site assembly and information management, and to create a safe, environmentally friendly, comfortable and economical building space, and strive to promote the intensive production space and the appropriate living space. The ecological space is beautiful.

Architecture is an important form of human society and the carrier of human activities that has the greatest impact on nature.

However, few people realize that buildings are far more harmful to the environment than cars and other so-called human civilizations. Studies have shown that the entire process of building not only consumes 50% of global resources, 42% of water resources and 50% of raw materials, but also causes 50% of global air pollution, 42% of greenhouse effect, and 50% of water. Pollution, 48% solid waste and 50% chlorochloride.

At present, building energy consumption has been juxtaposed with industrial energy consumption and transportation energy consumption, and has become the three major energy-consuming households in China's energy consumption. Especially with the continuous increase of the total construction and the improvement of living comfort, the building energy consumption has risen sharply and become the largest “black hole” for energy consumption.

With the global energy crisis and global warming, as well as global environmental pollution, countries around the world are paying more and more attention to building energy efficiency. People are increasingly recognizing that energy-efficient buildings have become an inevitable trend in the development of buildings, and green buildings have emerged.

Responsible action. Dongguan steel structure makes the city life better.

Green building means maximizing resource conservation (land saving, energy saving, water saving, material saving), protecting the environment and reducing pollution during the whole life cycle of the building, providing people with healthy, applicable and efficient use of space and nature. Harmonious symbiotic building.

The concept of green building covers related concepts such as industrialization of buildings and industrialization of buildings. The green steel structure advocated and introduced by Jinliang Building is the   way to achieve green building by virtue of its industrialization, including green Steel structure residential series, green steel structure Wenwei series, green steel structure commercial construction series, green steel structure industrial park series, steel structure three-dimensional garage series. Dongguan steel structure makes the city life better.

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