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Steel structure warehouse roof waterproofing method

2019/10/9 14:31:26

Steel structure warehouse roof waterproofing method

The steel structure warehouse roof design process is not only based on the standard design, but also a clear understanding of the local natural conditions and the actual conditions of the project to select a reasonable slope, but also comprehensive material selection, roof drainage organization. In the design stage, all the theoretical leak prevention measures will be done, which will lay a good foundation for the subsequent construction.

Reasonable selection of suitable roofing sheets is of great significance for waterproofing. Currently, the commonly used color plates are mainly galvanized sheets and galvanized sheets. The galvanized sheet is usually made by coating a plurality of top coats with good weather resistance on the galvanized substrate; the aluminum-zinc plating is 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% siliconizing agent at 600 ° C in the outer surface of the steel sheet. It is cured on the outer surface of the steel plate to form a dense quaternary crystal. In a harsh environment, the service life can be greatly extended. Therefore, it is proposed to use a galvanized sheet with good weather resistance.

Strengthen construction site management. First of all, it is necessary to strengthen the material access control to ensure that the material does not show damage during transportation, and ensure that the quality can be transported to the construction site in front of the relevant specifications.

Secondly, in the process of laying and fixing the steel plate, it is necessary to strictly operate according to the relevant construction standards. If unreasonable construction operations are found during the management process, it should be corrected in time to avoid unnecessary damage to the materials during the construction process.

Maintenance points of the structural plant:

 1. After the steel structure warehouse is installed, it is not allowed to change its layout without authorization. It is not allowed to assemble any bolts and other components. It is not allowed to grow or cut the partition wall. If necessary, it is necessary to negotiate with the manufacturer, and the manufacturer can determine whether it can be determined. change. Steel needs to be repaired once with paint for about 3 years, thus preventing corrosion and oxidation of steel and ensuring the safety of the plant. Dongguan steel structure factory is connected by steel components, so the use of electrical equipment, such as the use of wire and wire, the wire tube is cut off, so as to avoid electric shock.

2, steel structure warehouse wall cleaning must pay attention to not have signs of chaos, can not use steel balls, board brushes and other abrasive products, when cleaning with clean water should be washed from top to bottom. The steel structure plant has branches, leaves and other similar objects should be cleared in real time, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble under the backlog.

If there is any damage outside the metal plate of the steel structure warehouse, it should be repaired in real time to avoid the sun and rain. If it is necessary to adopt all the high-elastic nano materials, it is used to cover the metal roof panels, and it can be used for waterproofing and anti-oxidation, saving indoor air-conditioning power.

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