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Steel structure warehouse drawing design

2019/9/27 14:56:27

Steel structure warehouse drawing design

 The steel structure workshop design is divided into two stages: the structural drawing and the construction detailed drawing. The structural drawing is provided by the design unit. The construction detailed drawing is usually prepared by the steel structure manufacturing company based on the structural drawing.

1. Structure diagram: It is the basis, depth and content of the detailed drawing of the manufacturer's preparation, but it should be intact but not redundant. In the structural diagram, regarding the design basis, load materials (including seismic action), technical data, data selection and material requirements, design requirements (including manufacturing and equipment, weld quality inspection grade, painting and transportation, etc.), structural arrangement The selection of the section of the component and the structure of the main nodes of the structure shall be clearly defined to facilitate the smooth preparation of the detailed construction drawings and to correctly represent the design attempt.

2. Construction details: Must be able to meet the direct manufacturing and processing of the workshop, and should be accompanied by a detailed data sheet. The content expression of the structure drawing and the construction detail and the control of the drawing depth are currently disordered, and the design units are not the same as the steel construction company.

When you are in design, you can think of constructs as components and components as constructs. You have come close to conceptual design. The structure is regarded as a component. For example, the structure of a building is a cantilever beam, and a truss large iron bridge is a continuous beam.

Considering a component as a structure, for example, an H-shaped steel component is a structure consisting of three plates, and a joint of a steel pipe is a space structure.

Grasp the characteristics of the components: For example, the steel pipe is suitable for the two-force (pressure) rod, and it is not suitable for the bending member.

It does an excellent job of hinged posts or supports at both ends, but it is rarely used as a beam. When a bent member is selected as a steel pipe section and the program calculation does not pass, you should not satisfy the enlarged section, but instead use a section with a strong axis.we are provide steel structure warehouse,We can guarantee quality.

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