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Preparation of welded steel structures

2019/6/20 9:39:35

In the steel industry, many kinds of steels are used. Among them, steel structures are used in the steel industry. Before construction, in order to ensure construction efficiency, it is necessary to prepare accordingly. What are the main ones? The structure manufacturer will come to you.

1.Check whether the drawings are complete, carefully digest the drawings, determine the welding rods used, welding parameters and resistance welding sequence.

2.Check whether the preparation materials are complete and whether the dimensions of the steel structure meet the requirements of the drawings.

3.Check for oil and other explosives within 10 meters of the welding site. If there are such items in the temporary construction site and must be operated again, the patrolling staff should be notified to the site for inspection, take temporary safety measures, and prepare for fire prevention of steel structures.we provide steel structure house,you can know it.

4.Before welding the steel structure, check whether the power line, lead wire and wiring point of the welding machine are good. The welding machine connecting the zero line and the welding work return line are not allowed to be connected to the pipeline and machine tool. The working circuit line and the welding tongs should be well insulated. The chassis grounding must comply with the safety regulations. All circuits should be independent or isolated.

Generally, before we work on the steel structure Han sister, it is very important to prepare for the work. Before the construction, check the corresponding drawings, parameters, and the surrounding environment, and check the power cord to better. Construction is carried out on the ground.

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