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Prefab Industrial Steel Structure Building

2020/10/12 15:49:08

Prefab Warehouse Building / Steel Structure Hangar

A: Components of galvanized light steel structure

1)Wall panel: sandwich panel with color steel two sides and EPS foam filling width:1200mm  1k=1200

2)Column: C style steel, H shape

3)Floor beam: C style steel,200*40*2.0mm

4)Floor: light magnesium board (our patent)

5)Stair: metal

6)Roof truss: angle steel

7)Purling tube metal

8)Roof panel: corrugated sandwich panel with color steel two sides 

9)Door: aluminum frame with panel same as wall, with lock

Prefab Industrial  Steel Structure Building.jpg

Remark: this list is for your reference but the elements can vary.

Technique Index

Earthquake resistante: 8 fission intensity

Wind pressure: <31m/s about 10 grade

Roofing snow load; <80kg/m2

Roofing live load: 50kg/m2

B: The advantages of light steel structure 

1)Economic : quick installed and saving the cost of construction

2)Reliable quality: mainly produced in the factory and control the quality

3)big space: the max span of prefab steel structure can reach 80meters

4)antiseismic:  because the weight is light

5)Beautiful appearance: can use different colors

6)Long lifespan: can be used more than 50 years

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