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Light steel villa is composed of various light steel components

2019/2/26 16:50:46

Light steel villa is light in weight, which is only about one fifth of the brick structure and one eighth of the reinforced concrete structure, so it can greatly reduce the construction cost of the foundation. The light steel structure generally adopts strip foundation. Light steel roof truss is composed of various light steel components, there are generally triangular roof truss and t-shaped roof truss, can easily and flexibly achieve a variety of complex roof modeling. General roofing with colorful asphalt tiles, with excellent waterproof function, highlighting the beauty and quality.

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May be a lot of people don't know, now we can't see the high-grade residential opened at ordinary times light steel structure building, so far, there have been a lot of light steel housing, light steel villa, the light steel structure buildings built to attract more and more people to use, everyone be more choice when it is recommended to others this kind of new structure of the housing, instead of the traditional houses of brick structure, expectations, and the new structure plays a lot of advantages, has many unique features.

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