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Light steel structure villa features

2019/3/20 14:41:50

With the development of steel structure engineering, green and light-weight steel structure houses have been favored by many people.

Lightweight steel structure houses bring people safer, more comfortable and low-energy living space, which is another major progress in the history of human development. Lightweight steel villas appear in a more natural, modern and more vibrant style.we are provide steel structure warehouse,you can know it.we can guarantee the quality of steel structure warehouse.

What are the advantages of light steel villas?

1.The construction speed of the light steel structure villa is fast and the noise is small, which will not affect the normal life of the neighbors and is conducive to civilized construction;

2.Shock resistance of light steel villas: Since the activities of the earthquake are left and right and up and down activities, the light steel structure connected by screws constitutes a safe and stable box, and the wall collapses or the floor is not caused by the shaking of the earthquake. Falling out of danger to personal safety.

3.The light steel structure villa has light weight, strong flexibility and good seismic performance;

4.The wall thickness of the light steel structure villa is small, which can increase the effective use space;

Daily maintenance of steel structure factory

The steel structure workshop is reasonably maintained during use, which can extend the service life of the plant. Maintenance points of steel structure workshop:

1. After the steel structure factory is installed, it is not allowed to change its layout without authorization. It is not allowed to assemble any bolts and other components. It is not allowed to grow or cut the partition wall. If necessary, it is necessary to negotiate with the manufacturer, and the manufacturer can determine whether it can be determined. change. Steel needs to be repaired once with paint for about 3 years, thus preventing corrosion and oxidation of steel and ensuring the safety of the plant. The steel structure workshop is connected by the steel parts, so the use of electrical equipment, such as the use of wire and wire, the wire tube is cut off, so as to avoid electric shock.

2. When cleaning the outer wall of the steel structure factory, it is necessary to pay attention to not having signs of chaos. It is not possible to use steel balls, plate brushes, etc., which have abrasive cleaning products. When using clean water, it should be washed from top to bottom. The steel structure plant has branches, leaves and other similar objects should be cleared in real time, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble under the backlog. If there is any damage outside the metal plate of the steel structure plant, it should be repaired in real time to avoid the sun and rain. If it is necessary to adopt all the high-elastic nano materials, it is used to cover the metal roof panels, and it can be used for waterproofing and anti-oxidation, saving indoor air-conditioning power.

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