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How to prevent welding defects in steel structure bridges?

2019/3/20 14:44:38

In the construction of steel structures, welding is an indispensable process. Improper welding methods will bring great hidden dangers to steel structure engineering and affect the quality of the project.How to prevent welding defects in steel structure bridges?we are provide steel structure warehouse,you can know it.we can guarantee the quality of steel structure warehouse

1, layered tear

When the welding temperature is cooled below 400 °C, due to the large thickness of the sheet and the high impurity content, especially when the sulfur content is high, there is a strong low-alloy high-strength steel segregated in the parallel direction of the sheet rolling, when it is in the welding process. When the force is perpendicular to the thickness direction, a stepped layered crack occurs in the rolling direction.

Reduce the weld angle to reduce the weld metal volume. Correctly select Z-direction steel structural parts. Low hydrogen welding methods and low strength welding materials can be used. Use a suitably small heat input to reduce the heat effect, thereby reducing the shrinkage strain, but at this point to prevent the occurrence of cold cracks. Strict control of weld size, multi-pass welding of small bead should be used to avoid excessive welding feet. Proper warm-up is advantageous, but it is necessary to prevent an increase in shrinkage strain. Intermediate annealing can also be used to eliminate stress and the like.

2, stomata

The precipitated pores are mainly hydrogen pores and nitrogen pores, and are mostly surface pores. The main difference between the hydrogen hole and the nitrogen hole is that the hydrogen hole is mainly composed of a single pore, and the nitrogen hole is mostly a dense pore.

Analysis of steel structure stairs and concrete which is better?

For many building structures, the construction period of steel structure construction is short, the materials can be recycled, and the steel structure stairs are not easy to be affected by the cylinder surface. The construction of steel structure stairs will not affect the use of the original structural area of the room. Which is better to analyze the steel structure stairs and concrete?

Compared with traditional concrete structures, steel structure stairs have advantages in construction and comprehensive benefits. The steel structure stairs are light in weight, good in seismic performance, and can be recycled to save construction land. These advantages on the one hand reduce the developer's investment risk and accelerate the flow of funds.

On the other hand, for builders, the construction period is short, it is not affected by the weather, and the construction period is not delayed. The processing and installation can be synchronized. Due to the characteristics of steel, the stair shape of steel structure is diversified, and the shape that can be selected by customers is various, and the steel structure stairs are mostly made of channel steel. There are many types of channel steel, the thickness is different, and the selection of suitable steel is very importance.

Steel structure stairs

Although the cost of the steel structure stairs is slightly higher than the price of the concrete stairs, the steel structure stairs look good and can be recycled and industrialized.

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