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Cheap 40 ft luxury model Expandable Container Home

2020/10/26 15:36:17

  Container modular house and prefab houses that can be used as a granny flat, spare room, rental investment, first home, downsizing, deluxe mining camp accommodation, crib room, training room, office and accommodation for caravan & holiday parks, bed and breakfasts and more!

  Open size:5.8mX6.208mX2.5H;Folding size:5.8mX2.2mX2.5H(TWO BEDROOMS)

  Unfolding size:5.8mX5.18mX2.5H;Folding size:5.8mX0.7mX2.5H(SINGLE ROOM)

  Double bedrooms:1X40HQ shipping container can load 2 sets

  Singe room:1X40HQ shipping container can load 6 sets

  Fast installation,5 steps 4 workers install one expandable container house within one hour.

  Have roof natural lighting

  Convenient for the transportation,it can be moved by crane and truck.

  our company as a Expandable Container Home Supplier in China ,provide  Cheap 40 ft luxury model  Expandable Container Home ,if need that pls contact us.

Cheap 40 ft luxury model  Expandable Container Home_看图王.jpg

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