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Steel Structure for Car Parking Steel Structure for Car Parking Steel Structure for Car Parking

Steel Structure for Car Parking


From 1~5 levels intelligent car parking tower system

The equipment is designed for multi floors and low floors design. Each level is designed with a space for an exchanging space. All is lifted automatically. When cars park or leave, all spaces under this car space and forms lifting channel under this space. It can go up and down freely. When it reaches the floor, car will go out easily.

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Product Information

Automatic Steel Structure Car Parking Building

Motor+Chain+Car Loading Pallet

Motor+Steel Rope+Car Loading Pallet

Hydraulic Pump+Cylinder+Steel Rope+Car Loading Pallet

automatically steel structure car parking.jpg

Mode of Operations: LCD/IC card/Manual

Car Capacity:≤2000kgs; ≤2500kg

Mode of Drive: Hydraulic+Chain/Motor+Steel Rope

Car Size: 5000mm*1850mm*1550mm

Lifting speed: 4kw 8-12m/min / 2.2kw 5.6m/min

Warning device: Yes

Rise time: 50s

Fall time: 40s

Work noise: <80db

Voltage: 220V/240V/380V

Motor Power: 2.2KW

Maximum working pressure: 16MPA

Treatment: Galvanized treatment and high grade anti-rust paint

Color: Customized

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